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Approximately 28 years ago the department chair and a junior in his department entered into a debate. The style of debate wasn’t uncommon for a liberal arts campus and the professor seemed to cherish the…

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I found myself at an unlikely venue the other night – a high-school basketball game. Though never a sports spectator, I was there to watch the high school dance team perform. Watching the game was,…

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It has been an interesting week of car conversations. The topic emerged as I needed to replace my own car when its predecessor started being my teen’s mode of transport. Coincidentally, the topic has also remained…

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The “Term sheet” carries an air of mystery and intrigue in the entrepreneurial community. Founders are either nervous or giddy about them, want to get one and celebrate its arrival. Investors are eager to sign…

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I saw the newsflashes this afternoon about how Costco had just had a stellar November and beat analyst expectations. This despite their decision to stay closed on Thanksgiving day and bucking the trend established by…

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