Cover of The Intel TrinityThe Intel Trinity – From Fairchild Semiconductor to Intel - this story is the story of the people, specifically Andy Grove, Bob Noyce, and Gordon Moore - legends who took the world of transistors and were behind creating the world of the computer industry

Cover of Scotland and its WhiskiesScotland and its WhiskiesdownloadA wonderful journey from Lowlands, the Hebredian isles, Orkney and the highlands. Wonderful photos, descriptive journey and a story of distilleries only Michael could tell.

Cover of Uncommon StockUncommon StockThere are few startup thrillers in our industry and Eliot has managed to weave a fantastic startup story in the world of murders, thrillers and tech. Fun and fantastic book that's fast paced, yet develops characters fully through the end. And there's more, but you'll have to grab the book yourself!

Cover of No Vision, All DriveNo Vision, All DriveDavid Brown tells his startup story, that of driven entrepreneurship that brought him in touch with such industry heavyweights of today as David Cohen, Brad Feld and Nicole Glaros. He weaves quite an interesting story of a group of young dudes who came together by chance and built (and sold) a company successfully and then returned to build some serious entrepreneurial communities. Fantastic addition from Foundry Group press.

Cover of AccelerateAccelerate – A look into the world of Techstars accelerators. Quotes, experiences, best practices... 

Cover of Wort, Worms and WashbacksWort, Worms and WashbacksIf you like Scotch as much as I do, this is a must read to learn of the author's career that spanned decades at some of the world's most famous distilleries.

Cover of Hard Thing About Hard ThingsHard Thing About Hard Things An interesting, though at times hard to believe, account of the author's terms as CEO before becoming the Horotwitz part of Andreeson Horowitz. Some good tidbits here...

Cover of Orange is the New BlackOrange is the New Black Loved reading the author's first person account of her stay at the Danbury Federal Prison Camp. I originally became interested in the story from the Netflix show but found the book to be much more interesting and realistic given the actual prison stories (rather than those Netflix took creative license with...).